Striped Loach (Schistura fasciolata)

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

A common native hillstream species.

The Striped Loach, although small is a rather feisty predatory fish with a big appetite for invertebrates, from my own observations they seem to have a particular liking to Caridina shrimp.

Identification: The posterior half of the body (posterior to dorsal fin) is covered with small scales. A pair of eyes is located at the dorsal position of the depressed head and 3 pairs of barbels are found about its ventral mouth. Its pectoral and pelvic fins are arranged in a horizontal plane. The body color is greyish yellow and becomes greyish white at its abdomen. The fish is characterized by 8 to 19 distinct dark brown to black vertical bars across the body and a noticeable black vertical bar at the base of its truncated caudal fin. The origins of dorsal and pelvic fins are almost opposite. (AFCD)

Habitat: Various upland aquatic habitats, mainly streams and pools (dry season).


AFCD: Common. Widespread in reservoir catchments and upland streams.

Personal experience: A common species found in hillstreams and occasionally lowland streams.

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