Rhinogobius duospilus

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Probably the commonest native freshwater fish in Hong Kong, found in great abundance in lowland and hillstreams.

An ​attractive small bottom dwelling fish. It is often seen darting between rocks and crevices in streams. If you cannot find a Rhinogobius duospilus in its suitable habitat, you are unlikely to find any other native fish. They are probably the most pollution and disturbance tolerant native species in HK. 

Identification: "Body is usually greyish brown with obscured markings. Male is more attractive with a dark blotch on its red and yellow first dorsal and anal fins. Some males may have a light blue spot on first ray of first dorsal fin. The most distinctive feature of the fish is the possession of several irregular sharp red lines on the operculum and lower jaw. There is also a milky stripe running from nostril to operculum across eyes." (AFCD)

Typical stream habitat (Pak Tam Chung)


AFCD: Probably the commonest goby in Hong Kong and is widely distributed in upper and middle course of streams, sometimes occurs in lowland 

Personal experience: The most common native fish you can find. Can be found occasionally in channelized water courses, streams, ponds and even rivers. However, highest abundance is still found in hillstreams.

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