Predaceous Chub (Parazacco spilurus)

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

A common native species, often used as an indicator species of low levels of pollution in lowland and hill streams.

A common sight amongst natural and clean streams. It is a very strong swimmer and can be often found swimming against the current in a small shoal.  ​

Identification: "It has a long, streamlined and laterally compressed body and a protrusible lower jaw. Its mouth is terminal without barbel. The body is generally pale pink with a distinct black mid-lateral band running from operculum to caudal peduncle and ends with a black spot on caudal fin base. The black band becomes less prominent in adult." (AFCD)

Parazacco spilurus can be found in both lowland streams (left) and hill streams (right)


AFCD: Predaceous Chub is one the commonest freshwater fishes found in local unpolluted streams.

Personal experience: Fairly abundant in both unpolluted low-land and hill streams. 

Conservation statuses:

IUCN Red List Status - Data Deficient

China Red Data Book StatusVulnerable

Useful links:

IUCN Redlist of Endangered Species


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