Nim (Pterocryptis anomala)

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

A common native species, widespread around hillstreams of Hong Kong.

A ​very cryptic nocturnal species, rarely found during the day. Often seen darting across nooks and crannies in hillstreams at night.  

Identification: "Long and scaleless body with a large broad flat head; huge mouth surrounded by 3 pairs of fleshy barbels, upper jaw barbels are elongated; dorsal fin is small and soft while the anal fin is extremely long terminating near the truncated caudal fin; dark brown body marked with dark spots of varying sizes" (AFCD)


AFCD: North District, Tai Po, Tsuen Wan, Sai Kung, and on Lantau Island. Common. 

Personal experience: A common species, easily seen in great abundance in most hillstreams at night. 

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