(Mugilogobius myxodermus)

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

A native and rare species in Hong Kong, around estuaries, lowland streams and very rarely landlocked ponds.

Typically a brackish species, sometimes find their way to lower and middle courses of streams. There is a freshwater landlocked population in Fanling Golfcourse and nearby streams, ecologists hypothesized it could've been transported from the Donjiang river freshwater supply. There is insufficient information on this species in general. 

Identification: "Preserved specimens with about 9 indistinct narrow bars or X-shaped markings, indistinct oblique shoulder bar present. Longitudinal scales 33-40; TRB 10-16; predorsal scales 8-21, small, none enlarged, reaching to above preopercular margin; ctenoid scales on body in narrow wedge anteriorly, or with isolated patch under pectoral fin; third and fourth spines of first dorsal fin origin longest, subequal, not prolonged. Caudal fin rounded." (Fishbase)


AFCD: No Data.

Personal experience: Rare to find in streams, there is little data on this species in general.

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