Flat-headed Loach (Oreonectes platycephalus)

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

A common and native species found in upland streams.

Another hillstream species that is found in the upper courses. They are specialized to feed on algae, hence why they can flourish in the absence of typical prey. They prefer cooler and highly oxygenated water, with strong flow. 

Identification: "Has a cylindrical and elongated body. As its name suggested, the fish has a depressed and flat head with 3 pair of barbels around its ventral mouth. The origin of the dorsal fin placed behind the pelvic fin. Anal fin is close to the rounded caudal fin. Brownish grey body marked with irregular dark dots and a distinct dark band on its sides. The base of its round caudal has a noticeable vertical bar."


AFCD: It can be found in upper streams throughout Hong Kong. Common

Personal experience: Usually at stagnant pools that have been sourced by hillstreams.

Conservation statuses:

IUCN Red List Status - Data Deficient

Useful links:

IUCN Redlist of Endangered Species


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