Cryptopotamon anacoluthon

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

An endemic and common (contrarily to past literature) species of upland and lowland habitats.

The most common freshwater crab in HK. It prefers shaded streams that are free from pollution, often with relatively fast flow. Can be found in very high abundance, e.g. in Tai Lam. All freshwater crabs in HK are understudied and we still lack thorough understanding on their behaviour and distribution. 

Identification: A small crab, rather drab and not as colourful as other species. Often yellow to brown coloured. Usually found in low abundance, feeding on leaf litter. 


AFCD: Not assessed

Personal experience: A common species with wide distribution across clean natural streams in HK. Prefers fast water flow. Past research is rather outdated as their distribution is much wider than reported. This species of crab is endemic because it is only reportedly found in HK thus far. 

Conservation concern:

IUCN Red List Status - Vulnerable

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IUCN Redlist of Endangered Species

Distribution of Cryptopotamon anacoluthon (Kemp, 1918) (Crustacea: Brachyura: Potamidae), a freshwater crab endemic to Hong Kong

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