Caridina lanceifrons

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Generally uncommon, but can be found in abundance in localized habitats. Like all Caridina in Hong Kong, this species is native.

Caridina lanceifrons is a primary freshwater shrimp that lives in a local turbulent river.

Identification: As its name suggests, the forehead is narrow and straight, with a pointed tip and a sword-like name. There are 14-23 front teeth on the upper edge of the forehead from the frontal base to the end, and the middle 3-4 teeth are located above the head of the eyelid and the lower edge is 2-5 teeth. The male shrimp of the Sword Shrimp is small, generally only about 1.2cm, and the body color is relatively simple, while the female body has a milky white longitudinal band, and the body color is more varied, such as red, brown or blue-black. 2cm, the number of eggs is not much, and the eggs are yellow-green.

One of their localities in Hong Kong (Pak Tam Chung area)


Personal experience: This species is mainly distributed in streams in the New Territories, but it is not common. They prefer areas with high flow.

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The population dynamics of some freshwater carideans (Crustacea: Decapoda) in Hong Kong, with special reference to Neocaridina serrata (Atyidae)

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