Beijiang Thick-lipped Barb (Acrossocheilus beijiangensis)

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

A rare native species, that's restricted to pristine hillstream habitat.

A species that has been facing increased development pressure in the past 2 decades as many of its major habitats in Tung Chung were destroyed or polluted to make way for the Tung Chung New Town. It has now become a rare species due to it's restriction to unpolluted hillstreams. ​

Juvenile specimen

Identification: two dark brown blotches above pectoral fin and caudal fin base, 7 - 10 vertical bars that can range from brown to grey in colour (AFCD). 


AFCD: Records from reservoir catchments on Hong Kong Island and a few streams on Lantau Island.

Conservation concern:

Fellowes et al. (2002)- Global Concern

AFCDSpecies of Conservation Concern

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IUCN Redlist of Endangered Species

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