Amur Goby (Rhinogobius similis)

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

A native and common species in both lowland and upland habitats.

This goby has underwent redescription from 'Rhinogobius giurinis' to 'Rhinogobius similis' in 2015. However, it still goes by the former name 'Rhinogobius giurinis' in AFCD and IUCN's database.

Freshly hatched fry

Identification: Barcheek Goby has a slightly depressed head. Body is yellowish green; its cheek and opercula bear radiating broken lines from eye. Second dorsal and anal fins have yellow bands near margin while caudal fin edge is slightly reddish. There is a series of 6 to 7 black spots on its sides (AFCD).


AFCD: Common. 

Personal experience: Common in lowland streams, ponds, meanders, rivers and occasionally found in hillstreams.

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Redescription of Rhinogobius similis Gill 1859 (Gobiidae: Gobionellinae), the type species of the genus Rhinogobius Gill 1859, with designation of the neotype


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