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It was a field trip led by Dr. Hau that had reignited my passion towards ecology! After rekindling my passion towards freshwater ecology, Dr. Hau became my supervisor for my undergraduate dissertation, where he offered priceless advice and motivation.

Principal Lecturer and Programme Director, MSc in Environmental Management at HKU

Dr. Billy Hau


Andal is a specialist in stream ecology, whom I've been working with since July 2019. He has given me invaluable advice on this website and career paths, and allowed me to accompany him on his research around many streams in Hong Kong. 

PhD candidate at HKU Freshwater Lab


Tommy taught me the ropes of freshwater ecology and was the person who took me out to my first scientific stream survey. I am also very grateful for his advice and sheer knowledge on species distribution in Hong Kong.

Senior Ecologist at Asia Ecological Consultants Hong Kong


Eshan has always been very supportive of my work and dedicated several weeks of his free time to help me create my scaly scientist logo you see on the header of my website! 

Biotechnologist and Wildlife Illustrator

Eshan Samaranayake