About Me

Not your average career in Hong Kong.

I've wanted to enter the field of ecology or as I termed it 'animal explorer' since I was eight years old. I would force my parents to explore streams and forests with me on weekends!


Since then, I've graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Environmental Science in 2019, where I'm currently working as an ecological consultant. But, I guess that just isn't enough streams for me- so I made a website (as an excuse to go out more!!). 

My lifelong goal is to join IUCN's Freshwater Fish Panel, in which I can help determine and protect endangered species with other international ichthyologists, and this little database is a contribution towards raising awareness of rare or endangered species in Hong Kong.

My goal is to catalog every freshwater fish and shrimp species in Hong Kong.

Unlike most children in Hong Kong, I grew up going to streams and beaches, spending countless hours catching various fish and invertebrates, thanks to my parents upbringing. 

I've always loved exploring lesser known habitats and cataloging the species I find, and with the lack of a proper freshwater biodiversity database, I thought I'd give it a shot!

These organisms were an integral part of my childhood, and with even less children sharing my upbringing these days, I hope to bring the new generation a slice of paradise from the forgotten underwater world of Hong Kong.